[Az-Geocaching] PDA troubles?

Roping The Wind arizcowboy at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 15:58:03 MST 2005

Wondering if there is anyone out there in azgeocaching land that also has a 
Palm PDA... M series model. Specifically, an M130.. but I think the M500 
series is the same.

Anyways, my PDA shut off when the battery power went low and I am not able 
to re-charge it to turn it back on again. My wall charger has been working 
off and on and I dont know if it is the wall charger or if it is the PDA 

There are numerous online sources for charging cables. Many are even USB 
that have a wall charger and/or a car charger included. Pretty cool. One 
store even has a USB charging cable that when plugged into your computer's 
USB port.. will recharge the PDA. Interesting.

Anyways, this PDA is a few years old now.. at least. I have had it a way 
long time. I hate to invest $20 or $30 into a charger if it doesnt fix the 
problem. I'd rather put that towards a new and better PDA. Perhaps the PDA 
battery is totally dead? (I would think it would partially recharge anyways) 
or perhaps the PDA is dead or perhaps my charger is bad. Need to find this 
out. Wondering if anyone has a cradle or cable charger I could plug my PDA 
into for a short spell and see if it takes a charge and then I can go from 

This PDA has served me well for many years of seriously rugged abuse! It is 
old and out of date, but does what I need it to. I use it daily (almost 
religiously!) for business and geocaching and anything else. It is always on 

of course, sure would be cool to get one of those new Dell X51V's!!!! :) 
hhmmm.. maybe this is a good time!

Team Ropingthewind

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