[Az-Geocaching] PDA troubles?

AZcachemeister azcachemeister at getnet.com
Sat Nov 12 07:06:39 MST 2005

Hey Scott!
    I have an M130, probably about as old as yours. I have had to 
replace the battery in it...not too hard. If the unit won't turn on when 
in the cradle/charger, then the cradle/charger is probably bad.
This Site <http://www.batteryweb.com/pda-batteries-detail.cfm?ID=356> 
has a replacement battery for about $26. You will need a tiny TORX 
wrench to open the PDA. The site I bought my battery from seems to have 
disappeared, but they included the wrench with the replacement battery. 
I still have that wrench, and I also have a spare cradle/charger you are 
welcome to if that is the problem.

Cache On!

Roping The Wind wrote:
> Wondering if there is anyone out there in azgeocaching land that also 
> has a Palm PDA... M series model. Specifically, an M130.. but I think 
> the M500 series is the same.
> Anyways, my PDA shut off when the battery power went low and I am not 
> able to re-charge it to turn it back on again. My wall charger has 
> been working off and on and I dont know if it is the wall charger or 
> if it is the PDA now.
> There are numerous online sources for charging cables. Many are even 
> USB that have a wall charger and/or a car charger included. Pretty 
> cool. One store even has a USB charging cable that when plugged into 
> your computer's USB port.. will recharge the PDA. Interesting.
> Anyways, this PDA is a few years old now.. at least. I have had it a 
> way long time. I hate to invest $20 or $30 into a charger if it doesnt 
> fix the problem. I'd rather put that towards a new and better PDA. 
> Perhaps the PDA battery is totally dead? (I would think it would 
> partially recharge anyways) or perhaps the PDA is dead or perhaps my 
> charger is bad. Need to find this out. Wondering if anyone has a 
> cradle or cable charger I could plug my PDA into for a short spell and 
> see if it takes a charge and then I can go from there.
> This PDA has served me well for many years of seriously rugged abuse! 
> It is old and out of date, but does what I need it to. I use it daily 
> (almost religiously!) for business and geocaching and anything else. 
> It is always on me!
> of course, sure would be cool to get one of those new Dell X51V's!!!! 
> :) hhmmm.. maybe this is a good time!
> Scott
> Team Ropingthewind
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