[Az-Geocaching] Sprocket's moment of fame...

Brian Cluff brian at snaptek.com
Sat Nov 12 14:42:50 MST 2005

Brian Casteel wrote:
> Wow, the mail server must have been hosed.  I sent that 5+ days ago.
I found the mail server was being overloaded and dying with the number 
of spam messages bouncing off of it (about 5 messages per second). 
After that burden killed the last hard drive completely (serves me 
right, not checking on the health of the machine), I put some mail 
server rules in place to prevent the garbage messages from eating the 
machine alive and moved on to a much bigger project that kept me away 
all week long.  I then found the rule that I left out was to make the 
machine capable of sending to itself :)  D'oh.  That way also the one 
thing I didn't test, since it's usually a given that it can send to 
itself.... so the list mail was being received just fine, but it 
couldn't be sent back out.

Anyway, now I have everything up, running and being backed up... YEAY! 
Hopfully this will be the last of the outages we have for a long while.

Brian Cluff
Team Snaptek

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