[Az-Geocaching] Anyone heading to New Mexico?

ShadowAce shadowace.az at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 08:55:14 MST 2007


 This weekends event in Tombstone will have a good number of New Mexico

 If you can get the coin to Flatiron or AJ.JR, I know they are both coming
to the event and either one could move it into the hands of a New Mexico

 Just a thought.

On 4/27/07, Jared Ross <jaredmross at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Earlier this month Heather and I were in Albuquerque visiting family and I
> picked up a geocoin. It wasn't until I returned to Phoenix that I discovered
> it was NOT suppose to leave New Mexico. I immediately contacted the owners
> of the coin to apologize and have offered different options on how to get it
> back to NM, but have not received a response.
> Coin in question:
> http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=f0a25209-bc4e-4835-b14a-ae60422f2725
> So does anyone have any travel plans to New Mexico anytime soon? I'm in
> the Phoenix area and primarily travel the east side (Chandler up to North
> North Scottsdale) of town. Next Friday we're headed for Prescott so if
> anyone up there can help we could drop it off somewhere nearby. Any takers?
> Jared of AZBliss02
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