[Az-Geocaching] Fund raising poker run

Panda77 panda77 at wickenburg.net
Sat Apr 7 19:22:53 MST 2007

We are thinking about having a fund raising poker run open to any one. 
This is to raise money for things we may need for our Search and Rescue 
unit . This would be a 50 50 type thing and there would be a charge. So 
the more people we have the more money we would have. This would be 
using A GPS to find they containers with he cards in them. this would be 
around the Wickenburg area if we do it. in other words the wining hand 
would get 50% of what we take in .
 My question is how many people would be interested in doing this and 
what do you think would be a good amount  to ask for this ?   $2.00 , 
$5.00 or $10.00 or ?

Please send me back your comments?
 Remember it is using  GPS

Rember this will be fantastic GPS training for those who needs it.

Some of you may get this twice as i sent it to the azgeocaching list 
also, for comments.

 I am not even sure we can even do it.

  Patrick Brown
YCSRT 3213
 Check out

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