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Tue Dec 12 11:17:10 MST 2006

Hey all!

I tried to send this message to the list about a month ago and it  
didn't go thru...(?)... but anyways....if anybody enjoys GAMES  
Magazine (I subscribe to both GAMES and GAMES World of Puzzles), they  
had a good article on Letterboxing a few months back (Nov 06 issue).

So I sent a letter to the editor thanking them for the article and  
letting them know about geocaching, and my letter was printed in the  
Feb 07 issue:

"CACHE THE WAVE"  (their title!)
"I'm an avid and longtime puzzle solver (and former contest winner)  
who has subscribed to both GAMES and WORLD OF PUZZLES. I was thrilled  
to open up the November issue and see the great article on yet another  
type of "game": Letterboxing. I can sit for hours with the puzzles in  
your great magazines, and I can get exercise too, as I am active in a  
similar outdoor game called GEOCACHING, in which we search for the  
containers, or "caches," using latitude and longitude coordinates with  
GPS (global positioning satellite) receivers.
Instead of stamping, geocachers can trade trinkets, sign the logbook,  
and log their finds online. Check out www.geocaching.com. Any hope of  
another article in the future about geocaching and other similar  
outdoor games/hobby/adventure/sport/obsessions? Keep up the great work!
Trisha Brasher
Prescott Valley, AZ."

Well....yes, the Feb 07 issue is already out, never understood that  
about magazines.

For printing my article, I received a much-coveted "GAMES" T-Shirt, to  
add to my "GAMES World of Puzzles" T-Shirt that I won as runner-up for  
a puzzle contest some time back. First place is a $$$ prize, and back  
in....um...1994? I won a $1,000 contest prize. Sweet.

Dirk noticed my letter a few weeks ago..... and no, I didn't do the  
"Eyeball Benders". Did you? Wing nut, grommet....? I tend to do the  
pencil puzzles more than the others.

It's not easy to condense geocaching to a short,  
couple-sentences-explanantion that can be published like that. But,  
years of that quick-on-the-trail explaining, or "Yes, Officer, really  
I'm not a bad guy" explaining (As some of us know!!!!!) and it can be  
a bit easier to get the critical info out.

If you enjoy puzzles (of all kinds) check out these two excellent  
magazines. WORLD OF PUZZLES tends to stick more to "pencil-type"  
puzzles (of ALL kinds), while GAMES also has visual/picture stuff, and  
reviews of everything from the latest board games to computer games.  
Right Dirk?

It's 36 degrees....time to cache in lower and warmer climes?

Prescott Valley

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