[Az-Geocaching] Re: Geocaching in the news

Robert & Linda Smith Lrsmith at cableone.net
Sun Nov 6 18:15:47 MST 2005

That some good coverage..  Thank you..

Bob Smith, Team Petite Elite, Prescott

Team Sprocket wrote:
> Well, folks, that was my three minutes of fame.  According to Andy 
> Warhol, someone still owes me two minutes.
> You can view the video on TV3's web site (www.azfamily.com.) You need 
> to have an account set up on their site to view it but it's free and 
> easy to create. Once you have an account set up,  select "Online 
> Video" from the list on the left side of the Home  page.  Then scroll 
> down to "More Stuff" and look for "Scavenger Hunts Go Hi-Tech."  Or, 
> if you already have an account, you can click directly on the link below.
> See Cheyenne T.A.G.D. become a star! 
> <http://www.azfamily.com/perl/azfamily/video/wmPlayer.pl?title=www.azfamily.com/20051104_unex.wmv&vsect=Stuff>
> You will also find a link to the video on my  geocaching Profile 
> page.  Oh, and thanks you guys (you know who you are) for the positive 
> comments.  We had fun and hope you enjoyed it too.
> -- Sprocket
>  w/ Cheyenne T.A.G.D.
> P.S. I'm still looking for anyone who captured the video to hard drive 
> in a format that can be burned to a DVD and viewed on a standard 
> set-top DVD player.  Drop me a line of you have it or know how to 
> convert it to the necessary format from one of the formats already 
> mentioned here on the list.

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