[Az-Geocaching] Burnt cache

AZcachemeister azcachemeister at getnet.com
Sun Nov 6 17:20:10 MST 2005

As some of you may know by now, my Lime Creek Springs (GCNYV7 
cache has been found. Unfortunately it had been caught in the Cave Creek 
Complex Fire. The contents were pretty much carbonized, and the 
container has been distorted 'somewhat'. The cache will not be archived, 
but I am soliciting opinions from the 'community-at-large' about the 
original container, should I find that a replacement is needed.
Should the original container be removed as so much trash, or left in 
place as an example of what a fire can do.
I just had a flash of inspiration! Perhaps I could put a smaller (normal 
sized) ammo can inside the burned one.

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