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Thu Nov 3 17:03:17 MST 2005

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>Outside of considering your e-mail application a 3rd-party application, I
>don't see any more than one application being required to get them into a
>mapping program.  PQ-->E-mail-->EasyMPS-->MapSource, at least in my case.

The 'old' system as it was on azgeocaching.com went like this:

click on mapsource file type on azgeocaching.com --> mapsource. Done.

This method literally took me under one minute to do. :)

I see one step there. How many steps did you lay out above? :)

There was NO 3rd party software or any kind of 'middleman' necessary. I 
literally clicked on the file type and opened it up in Mapsource. It was 
that easy. It was also very easy to sort the PDA downloads as well. Click on 
'download' and I had a file that was already formatted to go right into my 
Palm PDA.

>I'm all about finding solutions until something better comes along, since
>complaining only reduces my caching time.
>Also, there just doesn't seem to be any benefit in continuing to rehash how
>it was 'in the past', since it's obvious that at this point, the past is no
>longer going to occur, unless you have fashioned a flux capacitor and own a
>Delorean (sp?).  Adaptation is much less time consuming in the long run 
>only hoping that the past returns.

I agree. But I am not necessarily just rehashing the past. I have emailed 
geocaching.com before and asked them why they dont have a simplier system. I 
have asked them why they dont have multiple file downloads available, 
depending on the type of software you use. They offer only one file type and 
then have to use third party software to make that file compatible with your 
mapping software (for instance, EasyMPS to Mapsource). They should have a 
few different file types available for downoad for at least the most popular 
mapping software.

Gc.com's answer to my email?.... There was no answer. They never even 
responded to it! The worst customer service is no customer service at all! 

Team Ropingthewind

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