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Brian Casteel bcasteel at uccinc.net
Thu Nov 3 16:10:37 MST 2005

Outside of considering your e-mail application a 3rd-party application, I
don't see any more than one application being required to get them into a
mapping program.  PQ-->E-mail-->EasyMPS-->MapSource, at least in my case.
There are other applications I can choose to use depending on how I want to
setup my hunts, which doesn't really bother me all that much.  I can use
Watcher if I want to look at EVERYTHING about the cache, then can filter by
direction/distance/difficulty/hider/etc...and save a custom .gpx that I can
use for both Cachemate and EasyMPS to import into my Garmin MapSource
application.  Heck, some applications directly import .gpx applications.

I'm all about finding solutions until something better comes along, since
complaining only reduces my caching time.

Also, there just doesn't seem to be any benefit in continuing to rehash how
it was 'in the past', since it's obvious that at this point, the past is no
longer going to occur, unless you have fashioned a flux capacitor and own a
Delorean (sp?).  Adaptation is much less time consuming in the long run than
only hoping that the past returns.

Team A.I.

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I was thinking the same thing... was just wondering when someone else would 
chime in!  :)

The gc.com team data downloads (PQ's) are NOT user friendly. It requires the

use of more than one third party software. I'm glad I am not into the 
numbers anymore or I would be pulling my hair out without azgeocaching.com's

SIMPLISTIC team spec downloads!

Team RTW

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>Brian wrote:
> > You could easily do the same thing with PQs. For example, mark coords 
> > several points throughout the state, ensuring that there is guaranteed
> > overlap, minimizing as much as possible to ensure you get the
> > complete/accurate results. When the PQs are downloaded, load EasyMPS and
> > you can double-click each of the PQs and load several, then open 
> > into MapSource. The newer version of EasyMPS will allow you to select
> > multiple .gpx files and open them with fewer steps too. Of course, this 
> > a Garmin-specific nifty feature, but what can you do?
>Let's review:
>Step 1:
>  For example, mark coords for
> > several points throughout the state, ensuring that there is guaranteed
> > overlap, minimizing as much as possible to ensure you get the
> > complete/accurate results.
>This in itself is more complex than it sounds. If I select point A and set
>my PQ for a 50 mile radius and then point B with the same radius, allowing
>several miles of overlap, but there turns out to be 600 caches within 50
>miles of point A, my PQ will only show me 500. Even if Point B overlaps, if
>there are 480 caches within 50 miles of point B, chances are I may only get
>20 (or even 40 or 60) of the 100 caches missing caches from the first PQ.
>With cache locations being dynamic, I see no way of ensuring full coverage
>with 100% accuracy
>Step 2:
>When the PQs are downloaded,
>After I wait 24 hours, or up to 6 days, depending when that PQ was 
>last.... and assuming you don't need more than 5 PQ's (the daily limit) to
>securely cover the whole state.
>Step 3:
>load EasyMPS
>Another 3rd party program to clutter up my HD...
>Step 4:
>  you can double-click each of the PQs and load several,
>Step 5:
> > open directly
> > into MapSource
>Don't own it / Never heard of it / Does not compute / "I can't let you do
>that, Dave" / Won't work with my GPS... (unlike NG Topo!, which isn't brand
>  It takes a little more initial legwork, but I don't think that's any big
> > deal.
> >
>A little??...
>I'll stand by my initial observation. "I can't see an _easy_ way to do this
>with PQ's."
>As I said before, sure it can be done... but it ain't easy. Heck, I'm
>already maintaining a map of all my unfound caches now that is less
>complicated than above but still isn't as easy as selecting a check box
>labeled, "All caches I haven't found in [select state]."
>-- Sprocket

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