[Az-Geocaching] UPDATE: Geocaching in the news: UPDATE

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Thu Nov 3 16:41:02 MST 2005

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>Subject: RE: [Az-Geocaching] UPDATE: Geocaching in the news: UPDATE
>Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 16:24:26 -0700
>Hmm.I wonder if the piece will be posted on their site?  I'd like to see it
>as well, and someone can grab it with a TV tuner in their PC if they have

I will try and capture it on my computer. I will be out on business tomorrow 
afternoon/early evening. But I 'should' be back in the office by 8pm. If so, 
I will go ahead and record the show... or at least perhaps just the segment 
alone, so it is a smaller file size.

Team Ropingthewind

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