[Az-Geocaching] UPDATE: Geocaching in the news: UPDATE

Brian Casteel bcasteel at uccinc.net
Thu Nov 3 16:24:26 MST 2005

Hmm.I wonder if the piece will be posted on their site?  I'd like to see it
as well, and someone can grab it with a TV tuner in their PC if they have



Team A.I.




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I just got word from the producer that the piece on geocaching will air
tomorrow (Friday 11/04) between 8:00 and 8:30PM on TV3 (Phoenix.)

-- Sprocket

Hey everyone!  Keep your eyes glued to Channel 3 TV News from 8:00PM to
8:30PM either tomorrow (Friday Nov. 4th) or next Monday or Tuesday.  (Not
sure yet which date.)  Rumour has it you may catch a glimpse of Cheyenne-
The Amazing Geo-Dog.  With all the footage the cameraman shot of her, I
can't imagine that all of it will end up on the cutting room floor.  They
have promised me a two minute segment on geocaching.  Some of you may
recognize your caches being found. 

Set your VCR's and TiVo's.  Anyone who has the ability to record it
digitally, I would really appreciate a copy.

-- Sprocket
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