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N37° 03.051 W111° 21.913 (WGS-84)
State: Utah
Stashed on: 10/07/01
Team Members: Jason, Seth, Skylar, Michael

Difficulty: 3.0    Terrain: 4.5

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Every year the group I volunteer for takes a trip to Lake Powell.  "Arizona Camp Sunrise" sponsored by the American Cancer Society is a camp for children who have or have had cancer and also their siblings too.  Check out their web site for more info.  This is the second trip to Powell since geocaching started so I decided Lake Powell needed another cache.

Since we camped in a different location than we usually do, I decided to put out another cache so geocachers could see more of Lake Powell.  Our normal camping sight near the Labryinth Canyon cache was no good this year since the water was much lower than last year, so we went to another spot that we used many years ago.

The area is up in an nice canyon of Powell... Gunsight Bay...  Has a very cool view of Gunsight Butte.

Some of the kids from camp and I went out and hid this cache near the back of a vary large cove.  It should be up high enough in case the water comes back up or if it rains it wont go dissapearing into the lake.  The cache is larger ammo can chock full of goodies worth the hunt.  Its about half full of items so there is plenty of space to exchange items.  The cache is hidden under pile of rocks that which we made to look pretty natural so it is hopfully not stumbled across to easy.  Please re-hide it as good after you are finished.

Have fun!!!  Make sure you visit the Labryinth Canyon cache while your out there too.

-Team Snaptek