[Az-Geocaching] Fund raising poker run

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Sun Apr 8 10:18:52 MST 2007


I think this is a fantastic idea!! We {Team Cache Hoppers} would love to participate in this event. I think you are pricing the event too cheap tho-maybe $15 for a single, $25 for a team-money is going for a worthy cause!

---- Panda77 <panda77 at wickenburg.net> wrote: 
> We are thinking about having a fund raising poker run open to any one. 
> This is to raise money for things we may need for our Search and Rescue 
> unit . This would be a 50 50 type thing and there would be a charge. So 
> the more people we have the more money we would have. This would be 
> using A GPS to find they containers with he cards in them. this would be 
> around the Wickenburg area if we do it. in other words the wining hand 
> would get 50% of what we take in .
>  My question is how many people would be interested in doing this and 
> what do you think would be a good amount  to ask for this ?   $2.00 , 
> $5.00 or $10.00 or ?
> Please send me back your comments?
>  Remember it is using  GPS
> Rember this will be fantastic GPS training for those who needs it.
> Some of you may get this twice as i sent it to the azgeocaching list 
> also, for comments.
>  I am not even sure we can even do it.
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