[Az-Geocaching] Travel Bugs are a major P.I.T.A!!!!!!

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Sun Mar 19 17:38:09 MST 2006

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>Quit hedging, Scott!
>Please just get it out in the open and tell us how you REALLY feel about 
>the subject!  :-)

I cannot... as it would require the use of certain 4 letter words that are 
best not used on this family listserv!!!

>If someone grabs a TB from me before I can log it, I have no qualms in 
>'stealing' it back to complete my logging on it.
>They started it!

I agree totally!... and that is why, funny thing... that I did just that 
today... after someone ALREADY took one of these TB's in question from me 
even before I had a chance to complete the movement of the bug virtually. 
Imagine that, less than 24 hours and they didnt even give me a chance to 
complete my portion of that particular TB's movement yet! That is simply 
rude. An email would be a nice gesture! This is exactly why I will not 
bother picking up travel bugs ever again and a reason several other 
geocachers I know refuse to touch TB's anymore. They are simply more work 
than they are worth (and they arent worth a penny to me!). Why complicate 
the game anyways?

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