[Az-Geocaching] lost GPS

Brian Casteel bcasteel at uccinc.net
Thu Mar 9 18:25:26 MST 2006

That's incredibly cool.  Way to go!

Team A.I.

connie stahlman wrote:
> There are still good people out there! I just had an email and then a 
> phone call from 'Ritchie' out in Avondale and he FOUND my Garmin 
> Legend out on the trail where I lost it last month!! Said he saw a bit 
> of the strap poking out of a bush. I will soon have it back in my 
> hands! The batteries were dead, and when he put in new ones my name (I 
> had entered it as cstahlmanATyahoo.com) came up  - Made my day! I 
> never expected to see it again!!
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