[Az-Geocaching] coordinate confusion

Team Tierra Buena teamtierrabuena at earthlink.net
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If you do have the latest firmware, you might try calling Garmin's support.
If you can wait the typical 15-30 minutes to get through to a rep, they're
usually helpful. At least it's toll-free: 

Monday - Friday
- 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Central time (closed holidays)
- 1-800-800-1020
- 1-888-442-7646

Monday, of course, is the worst day to call. 


Another option is to email them from



Team Tierra Buena 


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Today we ran a pocket query of Apache Junction caches and downloaded the
info into our Garmin 60 CS.  We also downloaded the same file into a pda.
However, the coordinates in the Garmin did not match the coordinates on the
PDA for one particular cache.   I checked the cache description on line and
the PDA matches what is on line. The Garmin is wrong. This has actually
happened more than once.  Usually it is just an inconvenience and we catch
it right away. Today it cost us an hour of searching in rough terrain at the
end of a hike and we did not find the cache.  Can any one explain what is

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