[Az-Geocaching] Plotting Phoenix Trails

HighwayHavoc highwayhavoc at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 26 11:51:34 MST 2005

I am in the South Mountains every morning, often heading out to Fat Man's pass from the 46th St trailhead. I recently plotted my route, using the posts as waypoints, but transferring the info from the GPS to a computer is currently a technological operation that I have not pursued. It's probably a very simple procedure; I just haven't learned myself how to go about it.
  Seeing as how I'm in the southeast area of the South Mountains anyway, I'd be glad to plot any of those trails. And if anyone would like to get together and swap info, I'd be up for that, too. It's gotta be done relatively soon, though, 'cause I'm transferring by hind end out of state in January - for employment reasons.
  Mark A. Pedersen

Creepin' Jeepers - Geocaching 7/01 <creepinjeepers at cox.net> wrote:
          Phoenix trails, especially South Mountain trails, are poorly documented. It would seem to me that on a given weekend enough people with GPSRs could plot the entire mountain. Sponsorship should be easy to get, REI, trail clubs, AZGeocaching, etc; maybe get the Parks Department involved. Assign hikers specific trails, hike the trails with "tracking" on, mark the "mileposts" as waypoints, download the tracks and waypoints on several strategically located laptops, and publish the results. Sell t-shirts, a nominal registration fee, etc., to cover costs.
  Before long we could plot the entire state!
  Dick Holmes
  CJ 7/01

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