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>On November 15 I had fusion of 2 discs in my back.  My recovery is coming 
>along very well.  As a condition of recovery I was told to WALK more....  
>Well..... It's kinda tough to go outside and walk when you are in pain from 
>surgery so I did the next best thing.  I measured a route around the house 
>that is 198 feet from start to finish.  I attached my Magellan Meridian 
>Color to my walker and used a bungee cord to attach my external antenna and 
>I have full coverage anywhere around my route.  In as much as I could see 
>all points I did not think I need waypoints.  I just did 20 laps and the 
>GPS said I walked .38 mile and I do feel exercised.  I might be able to get 
>back on the trail for some more finds before to long.
>Happy Holidays,
>Bob Smith, Prescott, Team Petite Elite

Is the route inside the house? You need an external antenna to get sats in 
the house!? My 60C gets a lock of 6 sats in the house.. no problem! :)) 
Sounds like you need to upgrade the onboard componentry (mainly the GPS) in 
that walker!!! LOLOLOL

Anyways, that aside... it is great to hear that you are up and about again!

This reminds me of when I had torn my ACL lig in my right knee... I never 
had surgury on it and the Doc said it was possible it could be reabilitated 
without needing surgury. It takes lots of physical therapy. I told him I 
wasnt gonna pay for no therapy when I could do it myself! :)  I tore the 
knee BMX racing. I used to do that for 10 years. Anyways, I also had a road 
bike that I used for cross training (and eventually some racing). I raised 
the seatpost to get the seat high enough so my knee was just barely bent 
when I was turning the pedals. Basically, after an ACL tear.... your knee 
feels like it is 'locked' in place and you cant bend it. So all the therapy 
did was to help you get full motion in the knee again. So I figured I could 
'break' it in by slowly lowering the seat on the bike, therefore bending the 
knee a tiny bit at a time. I would leave the seat in one position until I 
could pedal without pain. I would then lower it and so on and so on. I dont 
remember how many days it took me to accomplish this... but I was back BMX 
racing competitively in 2 weeks. Another buddy of mine had the same thing 
happen and had surgury and he was out of racing for 6 months! I was in the 
#1 spot in points when this happened (in Yuma in June) and didnt want to 
blow my shot at a state #1 in points. When the Doc said surgury would keep 
me out for several months. I said I had been racing just about daily all 
over the state for 6 months, I wasnt about to let the season (a full year 
basically) go to waste over this. He said I could possibly go without 
surgury thru physical therapy and that is when I gave the therapy a shot 
myself and it worked great. Doc approved of it too! :)

Ah, those were the days... no pain, no gain. Nowadays, there is pain and 
there is still no gain! :)  :(

anyways, good to hear you are on your feet and getting around! Just do your 
physical therapy stuff a little at a time and you will be back out on the 
geocache hiking trail in no time!

Happy Holidays!

Team Ropingthewind

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