[Az-Geocaching] A little different use for my GPS

Robert & Linda Smith Lrsmith at cableone.net
Sat Nov 26 09:22:19 MST 2005

On November 15 I had fusion of 2 discs in my back.  My recovery is 
coming along very well.  As a condition of recovery I was told to WALK 
more....  Well..... It's kinda tough to go outside and walk when you are 
in pain from surgery so I did the next best thing.  I measured a route 
around the house that is 198 feet from start to finish.  I attached my 
Magellan Meridian Color to my walker and used a bungee cord to attach my 
external antenna and I have full coverage anywhere around my route.  In 
as much as I could see all points I did not think I need waypoints.  I 
just did 20 laps and the GPS said I walked .38 mile and I do feel 
exercised.  I might be able to get back on the trail for some more finds 
before to long.

Happy Holidays,

Bob Smith, Prescott, Team Petite Elite

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