[Az-Geocaching] Burnt cache

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Sun Nov 6 18:01:08 MST 2005

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>Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Burnt cache
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>As some of you may know by now, my Lime Creek Springs (GCNYV7 
>cache has been found. Unfortunately it had been caught in the Cave Creek 
>Complex Fire. The contents were pretty much carbonized, and the container 
>has been distorted 'somewhat'. The cache will not be archived, but I am 
>soliciting opinions from the 'community-at-large' about the original 
>container, should I find that a replacement is needed.
>Should the original container be removed as so much trash, or left in place 
>as an example of what a fire can do.
>I just had a flash of inspiration! Perhaps I could put a smaller (normal 
>sized) ammo can inside the burned one.

I say leave it! I wouldnt mind seeing what the fire did to the ammo can and 
how well it did or did not hold up.

Team Ropingthewind

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