[Az-Geocaching] Re: Another new feature at GC.com

ShadowAce shadowace.az at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 15:50:16 MST 2005

Our you could sort your PQ's by date placed and have every cache in the
state and all logs in the state emailed to you every two days since you can
get 5 a day and it takes about 9 PQ's to get all the caches.

Since I have shown a few people how to do this including screen shots of how
to set the data files, I think you could ask for a recommendation and it
might be helpful. Or you can complain about it and it does nothing. :)

On 11/3/05, Team Sprocket <scottsparks1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Brian wrote:
> > You could easily do the same thing with PQs. For example, mark coords
> > for
> > several points throughout the state, ensuring that there is guaranteed
> > overlap, minimizing as much as possible to ensure you get the
> > complete/accurate results. When the PQs are downloaded, load EasyMPS and
> > you can double-click each of the PQs and load several, then open
> > directly
> > into MapSource. The newer version of EasyMPS will allow you to select
> > multiple .gpx files and open them with fewer steps too. Of course, this
> > is
> > a Garmin-specific nifty feature, but what can you do?
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