[Az-Geocaching] Re: Another new feature at GC.com

AZcachemeister azcachemeister at getnet.com
Wed Nov 2 18:43:03 MST 2005

You're right Scott!
That request has been under discussion in the forums as was the 'Found 
Query'. I'm not holding my breath, but I suspect such a query may be 
showing up in the not-too-distant future.
The attribute options are new for this week as well, but I see this as a 
limited-use option. As has been noted, not all caches have the 
attributes icons enabled. At least I can select those caches where I can 
expect to encounter snakes!  SSSSssss!

Team Sprocket wrote:

> I noticed that new feature the other day too.  It's kinda neat but 
> what I'd really like to see is a PQ of "All Caches I Haven't Found" 
> based on state.  I don't really need a list of caches I've found 
> because I already have numerous sources for that and because, well, 
> I've already found them.  I could _really_ use a list of caches I 
> haven't found in the state so I don't have to mark, download to GPS, 
> then upload to NG Topo every new cache that is posted when it is posted.
> As for new features, I recently noticed the option on my Bookmark List 
> page to download a PQ or, more interestingly, a KML file of the caches 
> in the bookmark list for use in Google Earth.  Now that's cool!
> -- Sprocket
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>     Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 05:16:26 -0700
>     From: AZcachemeister <azcachemeister at getnet.com
>     <mailto:azcachemeister at getnet.com>>
>     Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Another new feature at GC.com
>     I was just looking at my Pocket Query page and noticed the
>     long-awaited
>     feature of a PQ for 'All My Finds' is now available. It can be run
>     only
>     once a week, and includes all 'my logs' for the caches. Apparently it
>     doesn't count towards your 'five a day' maximum.
>     Cache On!
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