[Az-Geocaching] lost challenge point info

wogun wogun1 at cox.net
Wed Nov 2 07:01:49 MST 2005

A few weeks ago our computer died and was laid to rest.  We had a link saved
on that system that referred us to a site which gave information about
challenge points--both for cachers and caches!  Can someone give me that
link again?  Also, I assume that info is no longer updated, as the source
data is now behind geocaching.com's locked data doors? Is that right?


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I was just looking at my Pocket Query page and noticed the long-awaited 
feature of a PQ for 'All My Finds' is now available. It can be run only 
once a week, and includes all 'my logs' for the caches. Apparently it 
doesn't count towards your 'five a day' maximum.

Cache On!

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