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Thanks, Dan, good to hear from you.

Like Bill suggested, I have been playing with my joy stick, but had no idea there could be a problem with my on button. My experience with the 45XL and with the eTrex for the first few years was very positive; I'm disappointed that this model is not more robust; looks like I'm not the only one with problems.

I wonder if anyone has had experience with their repair service; I am reluctant to put another $125 into model that is several years old.

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  I have the 'lines through the screen' issue with both my green and my blue Garmins (whatever the model names are).  I have found that if I 'play with' the power button, (ie. lightly press it), it will fix the display.  It's almost as if those contacts are dirty as well.


  LazyK - Dan



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  My Vista acts up, also. Maps are nice, but I've reverted to a Geko for simple things like marking truck location.


  The joystick needs exercise. I think the contacts get dirty / corroded. I've just played with it a while (you know what I mean!) and it starts working again.

  As for the screen, I don't think it's software (I could be wrong), because hitting it against my hand makes it work right.






  Subject: Re: [Az-Geocaching] Etrex Vista 


  My EV is about to give up the ghost; case chipped at the cable connector, joystick very erratic, lines through the display ( not so much since I reloaded the software. Any suggestions, regarding getting it fixed,  before I send it back to Garmin with my $125. No, I really don't a "C" model; I don't want a MAC, er, a Magellan; I really, really like the EV.


  CJ 7/01



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