Brian Cluff brian at snaptek.com
Tue Nov 1 16:52:16 MST 2005

A week or so ago, I upgraded the mailing list server to a much newer and 
nicer machine.  The problem is that it came with a defective drive that 
completely died last night.  I was able to restore from the old machine, 
but we will be starting from a week ago, so this means that anyone that 
unsubscribed this week will now be magically re-added to the mailing 
list.  For those people, please just unsubscribe again, I'm fairly 
certain you won't have to unsubscribe again.  I apologize for the 

Hopefully there wasn't anything extremely important that was said over 
the last week or so, since it will not be missing from the archive.

Brian Cluff

PS if you know of anyone that subscribed themselves over the last week, 
please let them know that, due to unforeseen circumstances, they are no 
longer subscribed and we would be very happy to have them come back.

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