[Az-Geocaching] How many Cachers are also 4 wheelers

Trisha Radley radley@cableone.net
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 20:08:53 -0700

Yeah, we 4WD up here. Would love it anywhere. Could tell you some great
spots out of the heat.

~~trisha~~ "Lightning"
speaking for me and Flash, Yavapai Co Jeep Posse Searchers.

PS Flash loves the good 4X stuff. I'm really good at holding on tight

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> Just wondering if caches that require a 4x4 would be
> of any interest to the group?  When I was a kid we
> used to have 4x4 coffee can runs.  Each can had tokens
> and had to be found in order to get directions to the
> other cans.  It was always fun and now with GPS it
> could get pretty interesting.
> Rick
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