[Az-Geocaching] Re: Channel 3 News Spot on Geocaching

Larry Farquhar lfar@home.com
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:57:45 -0700

USA Today online also has a few articles on Geocaching. Their most recent
one was okay, but I'm not sure it painted a pretty picture. The guy they
followed on a cache hunt got lost, his wife made at him, they asked the
Police for directions. All because he loaded the coordinates wrong.

Larry Farquhar
2001 TJ - "Wyle E"

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Pat Frazier - could you please tell me when the spot was on channel 3 news?
I want to do some research on it, but need to know the exact date and around
what time it was on (morning, noon, evening, night).

Team TJ

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